Recent Changes to WebCV on May 28, 2015

Dear WebCV user:
We are pleased to announce a series of significant changes in WebCV starting May 28, 2015.
A list of the major changes can be found at: Please note that after May 28 you will need to review all abstracts within your account, as these have undergone a significant transformation based on recommendations from the WebCV User Committee.
The changes represent the last year of work undertaken by the WebCV User Committee.  The committee consists of representatives of the major user communities within the WebCV project, including (but not limited to) individual faculty members and staff, department chairs, representatives of the Faculty Research Office and Faculty Promotions Committee, research institute directors and Hospital representatives. The purpose of this committee is to review, prioritize, and analyze suggestions regarding new or modified user features, new or modified reports, and new or modified administrative procedures or practices that may affect users of the WebCV Application or its associated reporting systems.
The WebCV team is available to support you in a number of ways through this change:
1. A list of frequently asked questions about these changes can be found at:
2. Our regularly scheduled weekly training sessions for the month of June will be dedicated to reviewing the new changes
3. You can contact us by phone (416-946-3289) or by email (
We would like to thank the WebCV User Committee for their continued guidance and support.
The WebCV Team

Date Published:
May 22, 2015
Important: Common CV Users

We have recently noticed a problem with the way Common CV is importing XML files and wish to inform all CCV users of this bug. After importing your XML file into Common CV (e.g., the file created using the CCV Translator), the date in the "Last Updated" column of the Generic CV landing page does not change for any of the affected sections (i.e., it does not show the current date and time). However, if you go to the Funding CV instead and load the agency to which you are applying, it appears to show the correct date of the updated records. Subsequently, going back the Generic CV landing page will then show an updated date/time.
The WebCV Team is happy to help if you have any questions or would like us to walk you through the process. Please contact our Help Desk at 416-946-3289 or for assistance.

Date Published:
July 14, 2015
WebCV Training Videos

Can't make it to our group training sessions or don't have time to schedule in-person training? No problem! You can click here to watch our new series of WebCV training videos covering the following:


Date Published:
June 26, 2014
Recommended Browsers

For optimal WebCV experience, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. We have found that Firefox provides the fastest WebCV performance of any browser currently available. It is completely free and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Please visit the Firefox homepage to get started.

If you must use Internet Explorer as your browser, please note that newer versions 10 and 11 are not fully compatible with WebCV, and your browser may not work properly unless you turn on "Compatibility View". Please click here for instructions on how to do this, or follow the instructions below. Previous versions of Internet Explorer work fine with WebCV.

In Internet Explorer 10, look in your browser's address bar (to the right of the URL) for an icon that resembles a piece of paper with a jagged line through it (a "broken page" icon.)  If you see this, click it; it should turn blue and this signifies that Compatibility Mode is active.  See the below image for an example or follow these instructions.



In Internet Explorer 11:

1. Navigate to the “Tools” menu (you may need to press the “Alt” key to make it appear).
2. Click “Compatibility View Settings.”
3. In the Compatibility View Settings menu, type into the box labeled "Add this website:" and click "Add."  You should see the URL appear in the "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" list.
4. Click “Close” to close the settings window and try to log in again.

Checking your version of IE

To determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using, look under the main menu for Internet Explorer’s “Help” tab. You will find an option called “About Internet Explorer”. Click on that, and you will see the version of IE you are using.






Date Published:
April 9, 2014

Upcoming Training Sessions

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