1. What changes were made in the May 28, 2015 WebCV release?

The following changes were made in the latest software release:
Intellectual Property

  • The Patents and Copyrights section has been renamed “Intellectual Property.”
  • This section now includes the following types (in order): Patents, Copyrights, Licenses, Disclosures, Trademarks, and Other (user defined).
  • Two new fields were added: Filing Date (appears before the Issue Date) and Subdivision (appears after Country).

Activity Report

  • The Annual Academic Activity Report (AAR) is now simply called the “Activity Report.”
  • The Career Experience and Awards heading is now two sections: “Service” and “Honours and Awards.”
  • The Service section contains the following sub-sections: Positions Held and Leadership Experience, Administrative Activities (grouped by two headings: "University of Toronto" and "Other"), Professional Associations, Peer Review Activities, and Other Noteworthy Activities.
  • The Teaching and Education Activities section is now grouped first by activity (Teaching, Clinical Supervision, Research Supervision, Mentorship, Innovations and Development in Teaching & Education, and Aggregate Teaching Evaluations), then by Primary Audience, then by Activity Type.
  • Publications are grouped first by Peer Reviewed and Non-Peer Reviewed, then by Status (Published, Accepted/In Press, and Submitted), and finally by Publication Type. The Publication Type does not appear as a heading, but is included within the citation itself.

Changes to Abstracts (Publications and Presentations) in WebCV

  • “Abstracts” has been removed from the list of available types in the Publications section.
  • There are now four available types in the Presentations and CE Activities section: Presented Abstracts, Presented and Published Abstracts, Invited Lectures and Presentations, and Media Appearances.
  • All publications with the type “Abstracts” have been migrated to the Presentations and CE Activities section and assigned the type “Presented and Published Abstracts.” Publication abstracts that were originally linked to an existing presentation (via the “Add/Edit Presentation Details” button) have been merged together into one record containing both presentation and publication details.
  • Presentations with the type “Abstracts and Other Papers” that were not linked to an abstract publication have been assigned the type “Presented Abstracts.”