How to Generate Reports and Extract Data from WebCV

Detailed instructions on how to extract/generate your WebCV data and reports are provided below:

How to generate your WebCV Reports:

1.  Log-on to WebCV and on the Navigation bar, click Report
2.  Select the report that you want to generate from the “Select Report” dropdown menu
3.  You can print all your available data for that particular report by leaving the date range blank. Or, if you would only like data from a specific date range, you can select the  date range.
4. Click on “Include Draft Records” if you would like to include any records you may have marked as draft.
5. Click the Generate Report button
6. Click on the link provided
7. You will get an option to Open or Save the file. Click Save to save it directly to the folder/location of your choice on your computer.
8. Once the report is saved, you can generate the other available reports by following same steps






How to extract your WebCV Data from the Grid page:

In addition to saving your data in Word document format, you can also save your records in Excel format which may help you import this data into other systems. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log-on to WebCV and go to All Activities View
2. Click on any section (e.g. Research Activities)
3. Click on any page (e.g. Peer Review Activities)
4. Make sure that the Date Range is set to “--- - Pres”
5. Click on the “Grid Columns” (to show all available column headers)
6. Put a tick mark on all checkboxes
7. Click the Refresh button
8. Click the “To Excel” button
9. Open the Excel spreadsheet(from your download folder) and save it
10. Repeat this process for all sections where you would like to save data in this format

If you have questions or concerns, please email:

Date Published: 
June 17, 2016