Curriculum Vitae (CV) View

CV View Menu

You have the option to view and edit your information exactly as you would see it in your CV. Once you have logged into WebCV, look for the Curriculum Vitae (CV) View heading on the left hand side of your screen as in the image below. Once you click to expand it, you will see the standard headings used in your CV report. You can expand each of these headings by clicking on them to see the information that has been entered.

This is a convenient view of the data for users who are working from a generated WebCV Curriculum Vitae report and wish to make changes to it. The layout of the sections on the WebCV website matches the report. Records are sorted and grouped just as they appear in the report, and the "Move" button enables you to move records between sections.

Since the CV View contains only those activities that print on the CV report, please note that the Teaching and Design section has limited information (use the All Activities View for full access to teaching-related activities).





CV View Report Headings

As you can see by comparing the CV View menu (above) and the CV Report layout (right), the name and ordering of the submenu items reflect the structure of the CV report as generated by WebCV.