Export Data to Common CV

The "Export Data to Common CV" (also known as the "CCV Translator") feature is for those who have an account with the Canadian Common CV website, and would like to export records from WebCV and import them into Common CV. Only the "common elements" between the two systems will be transferred.

The Translator allows re-use of WebCV data to apply for funding from granting agencies that use Common CV (eg. CIHR, Heart & Stroke Foundation). This is achieved by exporting an XML file containing this data from WebCV and importing it into Common CV.

Please see our Common CV Translator Guide for step-by-step instructions, and our Common CV Translator Checklist.

For the best results we recommend you contact the WebCV Support Team so they can support you through your initial use of the Translator. To provide the best service possible, we encourage you to contact us at least two weeks prior to the competition deadline.

The following sections currently export to Common CV:

  • Citizenship/Immigration
  • Personal Data Summary (language skills only)
  • Addresses & Coordinates
  • Education
  • Qualifications, Certifications & Licenses
  • Positions Held & Leadership Experience
  • Honours & Career Awards
  • Grants, Contracts & Clinical Trials
  • Salary Support & Other Funding
  • Publications (Please note: in order to be CCV compliant, publication records created prior to May 2013 may require some modifications, which are offered by the WebCV team. Contact us for more information or see this FAQ)
  • Presentations and CE Activities
  • Research Supervision