All Activities View


The most commonly used way to edit records is the All Activities View because it contains all of your records in WebCV, including Teaching and Creative Professional Activities records. Once you have logged into WebCV, this will be on the left All Activities View (expanded)hand side of your screen as in the image below. Click on the main headings and they will expand to show you the sub-headings where your records are located.

This view is subject-based and the headings will appear in a different order than they appear on your CV. The WebCV team generally recommends using this view because the categories are intuitive and there is more functionality with respect to customizing the records on your grid page.

You can customize how the records are showing on your screen in a few different ways: use the Grid Columns feature to adjust which columns are displayed (essentially hiding columns you don't need to see); sort records on the grid page by clicking on a column heading; and you can also use the Date Range feature to display only records that fall within any given date range. These features are not available in the CV View.

Here is the All Activities View fully expanded to show all subheadings. For a full explanation of these categories, please refer to the help document called "WebCV User Guide" found here.

All Activities View fully expanded